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You want your new home to be perfect. Don’t overlook the importance of the windows, which dictate the natural lighting of your home. New windows also must seal out the elements while keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. EcoShield Exteriors offers all window types and styles, so contact us today to get started.
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Installing Windows on a New Home

You’ve put time, effort and money into your new home. Your windows should match that level of effort. After all, windows are one of the defining features of a house. They help to create a specific style and aesthetic, and they serve an important functional role related to ventilation and insulation.

It’s very important that all steps of the new window installation are completed correctly. Leaky, creaky windows are a homeowner’s nightmare. Our experienced team completes the process with the highest level of integrity and skill. The process includes:

  • Measuring the window opening and ensuring a perfect fit
  • Prepping the entire area for window placement
  • Ensuring the window is level
  • Cutting siding and applying caulk
  • Installing the window

As a project management certified (PMP) business, we have extensive experience handling all aspects of the process. Installing new windows on a new home is not the same as retrofit windows on an existing home, and you need a team who understands the nuances. We complete each step of the process precisely. You deserve to have great windows that function properly, and that don’t cause leaks and water damage.

Why It’s So Important to Choose the Right Window Installer

The last thing you want is windows that let air, water, ice or snow leak in. This type of leak leads to long-term damage to the home, but you might not even realize it as it festers behind the siding. We make sure the window is installed correctly. We have very high standards which we have maintained over decades in business.

The new window installation process is completed in 1 day. Our team works around your schedule. You won’t have to leave your home as we complete the work. We come in with our tools and procedure ready to be carried out in an efficient manner, and we make sure the area is clean and tidy before we leave. Our mission is to provide you with outstanding windows and customer service.

How Much Does it Cost to Install New Windows

The cost varies depending on the windows you choose and the scope of the project. We know our customers’ new construction budgets are a priority, and we provide transparent cost estimates so you can make a decision. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality materials and skilled, experienced service.

Why Choose EcoShield?

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Licensed & Insured for Your Peace of Mind

EcoShield is staffed with professionals licensed in their trades, bringing unparalleled craftsmanship to each project.

Our comprehensive coverage, including general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, offers homeowners complete peace of mind, safeguarding against any unforeseen issues.

Efficiency Without Compromise

We've refined our processes to minimize disruption to your daily life, ensuring swift, efficient service delivery without compromising on quality.

The majority of our roofing projects are completed within a single day, testament to our commitment to efficiency and excellence.

Dedicated Local Ownership

Our local ownership means we're deeply familiar with Colorado's unique climate challenges.

We adhere strictly to local building standards to protect your home from weather-related damages, emphasizing the importance of correct installation practices to avoid unnecessary costs.

Unwavering Honesty and Trustworthiness

At EcoShield, our reputation is built on honesty and reliability.

We honor our commitments, focusing on thorough resolutions to any issues within our control. Our integrity is paramount, ensuring homeowners can trust in our services and resolutions.
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